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Newark NJ Auto Body Repair Done Right!


When you have an accident, call us first!

We will handle all aspects of the claim from the unfortunate beginning, to dealing with the insurance company.

We will obtain a rental car for you and return your car to you in better than new condition faster than you can imagine.

Let us report your claim and deal with the red tape involved with the settlement of your claim.

At Park Grove Auto Body, we pride ourselves on our reputation for delivering quality repairs and reasonable prices. We go the extra mile to help our customers in handling their claim and offer a written lifetime warranty.

Please check out our premier "White Glove Claim Service" for the ultimate in convenience.

Please check out our White Glove Claim Service

You have the right to go to the repair facility of your choice – It’s the law.

As quoted from Consumer Reports (March 2006) “Don’t let an insurer pressure you to use a specific repair shop.”

Don't let insurance companies use scare tactics to steer you to use their Direct Repair Program (DRP), referral or concierge type shops. This is a clear violation of the law.

If you choose a DRP shop, your Insurance Company dictates to that shop how to repair your car. It is no longer the shop's decision on how to put your car back to pre-accident condition. This is how your insurance company saves themselves money by choosing your repair shop for you.


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